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We are AgriUX, a student community in IPB University with a common interest in product design, user experience, and human-computer interaction. We born in 2015 and since late 2019, we are also connected to the international community as IPB University ACM SIGCHI Chapter, the largest professional and academician association in human-computer interaction. We invite students from all major in IPB University to join us and be engaged in our various activity like meetup, discussion, seminar, workshop, competition, and design jam.

Our Stories So Far in 2020

Saung Desain #1 : Connecting Human to Technology

Bogor, 2 February 2020 - After a month-long preparation, we conduct our first seminar to introduce our mission to IPB university students. The theme, connecting human to technology, is aimed to introduce the concept of user-centred design when designing technology. In this event, we invite three speakers who implement the user-centred design in three different fields, i.e. agriculture, e-commerce, and banking. The first speaker, Mr Firman Ardiansyah is an experienced lecturer in IPB University whose involved in various project related to human-computer interaction in agriculture. He delivers his talks titled "Learn UX in Everyday Things". The second speaker is Utari Ambarwati, a Senior User Experience Designer from Tokopedia. She introduces the role of design thinking e-commerce. The last speaker is Farhad Alaydrus, a senior manager of UX specialist in Commonwealth Bank Indonesia who delivers his experience in designing banking experience to help their customer managing their savings. The seminar is successfully conducted with more than 150 participants from IPB University. This event is conducted using chapter fund from ACM SIGCHI.

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Saung Desain #2 : Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop

Bogor, 15 Februari 2020 - Two week after the seminar, we conduct a follow-up workshop to introduce the benefit and basic technique of design thinking. The workshop is facilitated by Bukalapak user experience team, Irfan Zidny (user experience designer) and Rivandi Anjas (user experience designer). The format of the workshop is a hands-on practice of several design thinking techniques applied in the participant daily problems. The workshop is conducted in a small but intensive format with only 25 participants. Through this activity, we aim to introduce the participant on how they can use design thinking to improve their works. This workshop is supported by ACM SIGCHI chapter fund.

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Design Jam from Home: Online Student Collaborative Design to Improve IPB University Mobile Apps Experience

Online, 23 April 2020 - As part of the chapter first-year program to introduce HCI and UX to IPB students, we conduct a university-scale design jam for students. In this case, we challenge the participant to create a new experience for the official university mobile apps. This topic is very relevant to student current condition as the utilisation of the apps is rising significantly when they study at home. We gave them a design brief prior to the jam session so they can learn the scope of the problem. Every student is able to see other works as we used a collaborative design platform, Figma. We also encourage the students to collaborate and give positive feedback to other student work.  We collaborate with faculty in HCI and UX field to give feedback related to the theoretical aspect of the design. To make sure the resulted design is applicable to the business process, we also collaborate with IPB University Information System and Digital Transformation (ISDT) Office. After the two-day design session is over, a board of judges from faculty and ISDT office give feedback and choose two best design from all submitted work. The student’s response is very positive. We have around 20 submissions, with half of them come from non-computer science students. The token of appreciation is given from ACM SIGCHI chapter fund.

The results of this activity can be seen in our Figma working space and our Instagram account.
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AgriUX Talk : Effective UX Projects Presentation in Industry

Online, 9 May 2020 - After the mandatory study from home order, we start doing a monthly online talks with our community. In our first online talks, we invite again Rivandi Anjas from Bukalapak to share his insight related to an effective presentation of user experience results in industry context.

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